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How to buy reproduction rights from Bob Croxford - Atmosphere Picture Library:
1. Contact the Atmosphere office by Phone, Fax or E-mail. We can advise you of reproduction fees.
2. It helps if you have a clear idea how you want to use a picture because fees are based entirely on the use to which the picture is to be put. A national advertising campaign is considerably more expensive than a small use in a holiday brochure.
3. Use of more than one image in a project may attract a quantity discount.
4. We like to negotiate.
5. We do not make a charge for downloading or printing out the files on this site for use in comps or layouts EXCEPT we do insist that you ask FIRST. Very rarely some of the pictures may be tied up with exclusive licences and we do not want the embarrassment of stopping unauthorised publication.
6. If pictures are used in "paid for" presentations we expect a presentation fee. This fee can be negotiated against guaranteed use.
7. Copyright exists in all Atmosphere / Bob Croxford photographs. Prior permission is required for any use, including comping or layout purposes. Pictures must NOT be lifted, swiped, stolen or copied from this site, or from any Atmosphere publication without prior permission.
8.Fees and conditions for web use.
Web use is now the dominant media for advertising and promotion. To reflect the value of web images I am now going to charge a minimum of £250 for a single 3 year web use. Additionally the image MUST have all the IPTC data retained and include a hot link credit to my website. Images used without IPTC data or credit link will cost at least £500, depending on usage, for a one year licence.
9. We ask that first time customers send some proof of their professional status.
August 2011