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Bob Croxford 

I was born in Oxford, England but spent my formative years in Southern Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe. I returned to finish my schooling in Oxford at the age of fifteen. After leaving school at sixteen I worked in the photographic darkroom of the Morris Motors car factory at Cowley. Eighteen months later, with plenty of B&W darkroom experience, but the realisation that I was in a dead end job, I went to Art School in Birmingham to study photography. During my period at the college I was fortunate to have an inspiring American teacher on a Fullbright Exchange. Ralph Hattersley shook up my young mind in a way that is still an influence on my photography.

After college I worked as an assistant to a London based advertising photographer for four years before turning freelance in the mid sixties. I eventually worked for major advertising agencies, magazines and design groups. I did a wide range of photography although my speciality was still-life, food and room sets. Clients included The Observer, The Sunday Times, Woman's Own, Penguin Books, Levi Jeans, General Foods, Knoor, Birds Eye, Wall's icecream etc..

In 1971 I won the Ilford Award for best B&W advertising photograph of the year. The prize money went on a trip to Thailand and not on the more essential central heating for our home. This trip sparked an interest in travel photography, and a new direction towards shooting for stock.

Five years later I left the high overheads of my Covent Garden studio and moved 300 miles west to live in Cornwall. In the early days of living in the country I developed my work towards travel and foreign advertising clients. Volkswagen and Heineken in Nigeria, Annual reports in Kuwait, Beer in Jamaica and The Greek Tourist Board were among my assignments. I also increasingly took pictures for stock. This included trips to South East Asia, Australia, Norway, Spain, Ireland and more.

This glamourous life did not last and work dried up to a trickle in 1983. In 1984 I launched a range of postcards under my own self-publishing imprint; Atmosphere Publishing. After several years of struggle and many technical and financial problems the postcard venture started to pay off. My first self published book appeared in 1991 and has sold well ever since. Further book titles have been added. A full list can be seen here.